Elderly Care

FAQs About Our Elderly Care Services

If you're looking for a top-notch elderly care service provider, America's Best Caregivers should be your trusted choice. We have been voted 'Best in Volusia County Home Health Care' for 3 years in a row - 2012, 2013, and 2014!

Visit us today regarding your elderly care service needs. We'll provide you with FREE parking and Wi-Fi at our office. Also, you'll get assistance from us in completing all the necessary paperwork, if required. 
Elderly Care

 America's Best Caregivers' FAQs

How are Homemaker / Companions and CNA's supervised?
Our Assistant Administrator conducts unannounced visits to our patient’s home on a regular basis.
Do we have to sign a contract?
In accordance with the state of Florida regulations, we must have a signed Authorization for Care. It may be cancelled at any time with no penalty.
Is America's Best Caregivers licensed?
America's Best Caregivers is licensed as a nurse registry in the state of Florida. We're inspected and monitored by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for the state of Florida. We're subject to all licensing requirements for standards and documentation as per the state law.
How are caregivers, nursing assistants, and home health aides screened?
In compliance with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for the state of Florida, any person contracted to provide services for one of our clients must undergo the following:
  • A Level 2 background screening including fingerprinting and photograph. These fingerprints are filed with AHCA and they clear the service provider for work.
  • Prior employment history verification
  • Personal reference check
  • Health screening
  • License verification
  • Biyearly continued education verification (CEU’s)
Do you have a minimum number of hours required?
We typically like to have a minimum of 4 hours per shift, at least twice per week. That being said we understand that every client has different needs and we do our best to accommodate all of those needs.
Do you have any add-on fees or deposit requirements?
No! Services are paid for on a weekly basis, as they are used, with no upfront fees, security deposits, and up-charges for nights, holidays, or weekends.
Will we have the same caregiver, nursing assistant, or home health aide on a daily basis?
Yes, as consistency of care is our primary goal. It helps to build relationships and establish a bond between our service provider and the client. If you have one caregiver or a team of caregivers they will return on a consistent basis. 
Can we interview a caregiver or nursing assistant prior to placement?
Absolutely! One of our management team members will be happy to assist you in the selection of the 'perfect' care provider.
What if we want to change the caregiver / nursing assistant?
PLEASE DON'T HESITATE! Just call the office and request a change. We need no explanation. While it is something that happens very rarely, change becomes necessary and we're happy to accommodate you. Your comfort in your home is most important to us. Remember if you're not happy, we're not happy!
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